How to create and add a subdomain on Godaddy managed WordPress hosting (Step by Step)

Step 1: Login to your Godaddy Account
Step 2: Go to Account > My Products
Step 3: Managed WordPress section > Manage All

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 1. Manage All

Step 4: Create a New Site. Click on Create Site button.

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 2 Create Site

Step 5: Create a Site window

  • What would you like to do?: Build a brand new site
  • WordPress username: your username
  • WordPress password: your password
  • Click on Create button
Godaddy Managed WordPress - 3 Build a brand new site

Select a region and click on Continue button

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 4 Setting up your site
Godaddy Managed WordPress - 5 temporaray domain
Godaddy Managed WordPress - 6 installing wordpress

Step 6: After completing your site setup. Click on Explore Hosting Dashboard

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 7 site setup

Step 7: From the Production Site section scroll down and look for IP address and copy the IP address (click on the copy text to copy the address) for later use.

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 10 copy IP address

Step 8: Now we add a new subdomain name by adding a DNS record. From Domains section click Manage All

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 8 Manage All DNS

Step 9: Click on “…” button showing beside the domain name you want to create a subdomain for. It’ll show a submenu then click on Manage DNS

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 9 manage DNS

Step 10: Add a new A-type DNS record by clicking the ADD button below.

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 11 add DNS record

Step 11: Add new DNS record form.

  • Type: from Dropdown Select A
  • Host: type the name you want to prefix your domain name.
    For example, if you want to create a subdomain name dev.yourdomainname.com just put dev in the Host box no need to write the entire subdomain name.
  • Points to: paste the IP address you copied in step 7
  • TTL: default value 1 Hour will be ok
  • Click Save
Godaddy Managed WordPress - 12 save record

Step 12: Now to goto Domain Overview page again (same page as step 7, from where you copied the IP address ). Click Attach Domain on Domains section.

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 13 Attach domain

Step 13: Attach Domain window

  • Choose a domain: Add an external domain or subdomain
  • Enter external domain: write your subdomain name, for example, dev.yourdomainname.com
  • Make this the primary domain for your account: Check the box
  • Click Attach button
Godaddy Managed WordPress - 14 attach domain

Step 14: Type your subdomain name in a new browser tab and you should see the same website you have created in Step 6.

Godaddy Managed WordPress - 15 Hello World

Done, you have successfully added a subdomain in your Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting.

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